Sunday, June 22, 2008

Student Assessment

Assessment in my class is an ongoing process. The teacher engages students in the assessment process periodically because of the need to know their progress.

The teacher uses assessment to find out if it meets the Student Learning Expectations, to improve his/her teaching strategies, and to meet the goals of the subject area that the students are being tested on.

Through assessments, the teacher strives to bring out the potential of the students to the maximum. It provides us insights into what teaching strategies will work best with our students.

The teacher provides the students a lot of work and activities in which they can show whether they have understood the knowledge and skills taught. The written work are gathered and submitted to the students’ parents for an update of their progress in their studies. Some of them are given some place in the classroom to recognize the student’s effort.

The teacher uses varied form of assessments. These are the: teacher’s made tests, publishers’ made tests, performance assessment, student self assessment, oral presentation, written work, questioning (oral discussion), creative hands-on projects, and standard assessments. These methods of assessments are:

. Teacher- created tests geared toward various learning styles. This method is more specific to the actual material being taught. The teacher can be more selective in emphasizing what was highlighted in the lessons.

. Publicized tests are utilized but it is limited in what is covered, so the teacher- created tests can be more challenging.

. Publisher- produced test- These tests encourage high order thinking. For some subjects, pretests are offered. By using these tests, the teacher is assured that the material covered will be tested in order to evaluate mastery of the material. If mastery is not achieved, then reteaching materials are available. These test results are used to evaluate the capabilities of the children.

. Oral Presentation- These can include speeches and skits. An advantage to these is immediate evaluation. It also allows and encourages creativity. Through this method there is a greater development of oral skills.

. Written Work- This provides the teacher opportunities to evaluate writing skills across the curriculum. It also provides the students for critical thinking. This method encourages creativity. Through written work, the students are encouraged to organize their thoughts.

. Questioning or oral discussions – This method checks for listening skills and attention span. An advantage of this method is that feedback is immediate.

. Creative hand-on projects, including science experiments, models, dioramas, and collections. These projects encourage creativity.

. Standardized test scores are evaluated and utilized in the following ways:

to evaluate the class’ strengths and weaknesses.

to share with parents, class’ progress and individual student’s progress during parent-teacher conferences as another facet of student learning.

to identify students who are achieving.

to identify students who need remediation.

to teach test-taking strategies.

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