Thursday, August 2, 2007

Curriculum Ideas : Story Starters ( Language Arts )


  • To motivate students to write by giving them good story starters.
  • To encourage the students’ fantastic imagination to continue and finish a given story.

It is hard for some students to start writing a story if you just ask them to develop simply by discussing or outlining or providing vocabularies that they may use. To start writing is indeed very hard especially to students in the primary grade level. I always find it useful to give my students some story starters. I write these story starters on strips of papers or on index cards.

Examples of these story starters:

"Mary was excited. Her birthday is coming near, and she decided to have a big party. She started to plan for it. She thought of . . . "

“I was walking slowly down the road when suddenly a second shadow appeared next to mine. I turned so fast and there . . .”

“There was snow everywhere when I stepped out of the house. It had been cold for sometime now. I saw just a few feet before me this . . ."

"John had never played a baseball game before. Now, he was asked to bat. He went to get the bat and as he swung at the ball, something unusual . . ."

"Jane never liked to be called to talk in front of her class. She feared it. She tried to slide down in her seat so as not to be noticed by her teacher, but . . ."

“My family and I were out camping. In the middle of the night, I heard this loud growling sound. Nobody in the tent seemed bothered by it. They were all deep in sleep. There I was shivering in fear. Suddenly, the tent’s flap moved and then . . ."

* Do YOU have great story starters? You're welcome to share! Email me with your ideas, I'm looking for at least ten (10) to post in addition to the ones here. You will be properly compensated - email me for details!

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