Friday, August 17, 2007

Guides in Communicating with Parents

When communicating with parents, it is always important to remember to be very cautious with the words that we use that might have unnecessary negative implications.

Here are the positive expressions to use in lieu of the negative expressions:

Instead of: Mean you can say: Has difficulty getting along with others
Instead of: Lazy you can say: Can do more if they try
Instead of: Troublemaker you can say: Disturbs class
Instead of: Uncooperative you can say: Should learn to work with others
Instead of: Stupid you can say: Can learn to do the right thing
Instead of: Never does the right thing you can say: Can do the right thing
Instead of: Impertinent you can say: Discourteous
Instead of: Stubborn you can say: Insists on having his/her own way
Instead of: Liar you can say: Does not always tells the truth
Instead of: Sloppy you can say: Could do neater work
Instead of: Failed you can say: Failure to meet the requirement
Instead of: Time and again you can say: Usually
Instead of: Dubious you can say: Uncertain
Instead of: Poor grade of work you can say: Working below the standard
Instead of: Selfish you can say: Seldom shares with others
Instead of: Rude you can say: Inconsiderate to others
Instead of: Show-off you can say: Tries to get attention
Instead of: Will fail him/her unless ... you can say: Has a chance of passing, if...

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