Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Special Learning Activities

Here are some special learning activities that you could use with your lessons to meet the various learning styles and needs of your students:

1. Hands-on Activities which allow for much creativity and social interaction especially when they are done in groups. Within groups, cooperative learning is taking place. Through these activities the students learn to work within time limits. Students must be able to use resources wisely and to follow specific guidelines. This kind of activity is especially beneficial for kinesthetic learners.

2. Listening Activities help to teach and evaluate the skills of following directions and listening for comprehension. The use of music allows for different styles of learning, as well as for teaching songs.

3. Written work such as creative writing, journal writing, essays, and summaries that allow another avenue for creativity of expression of thoughts and ideas provide opportunities for students who have strong writing skills. It also provides opportunities for students to look over their work to proofread it and appreciate their talent in writing.

4. Oral presentations which provide opportunities for strengthening verbal skills.

5. Field trips are used as outside resources , for social interaction, and to give first hand experience of learned material. This material is now reality based. This is a vicarious experience for the students, which encourage enthusiasm and makes learning fun.

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