Friday, August 10, 2007

Help a Child Learn to Read - Part One

Children love rhyming words. They would be able to learn how to read words easily if words are arranged in a rhyming pattern.

When helping children to read these words, it is best for the teacher to read the words first and the children listen. Read the words by section and point at each word with your finger or a pointing stick. These words could be written on the blackboard, on a big piece of paper, or could be projected on a screen with an overhead projector (whichever is available and easy for the teacher to use as long as it will bring good results.)

I prefer to project the words on a screen. I get more of the children’s attention this way). Then the teacher reads the words with the children. Finally, the children read the words.

Go through these steps:

  1. Teacher reads the words.
  2. Teacher and students read the words at the same time.
  3. Students read the words over.
  4. Follow these up by flashing the words on flash cards to them one at a time to check if they are getting the words.
  5. Read the words in a sentence form on strips of papers.
  6. Have the children try to form sentences wiyh the words learn by rearranging the flash cards. Help them read the sentences that they formed. (They may use simple common words other than the words they have learned to complete a sentence with the help of the teacher such as “a”, “is”, “the”).

These exercises need to be repeated several times until the children master the words.

Lesson 1

Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E Section F

am an ad as at ax

dam ban bad gas bat tax

ham can cad has cat wax

jam Dan dad was fat

Pam fan fad hat

Sam man had mat

Yam pan lad pat

ran mad rat

tan pad sat

van sad

Help the children read these sentences:
  1. Dan ran.
  2. Pam has ham.
  3. Dan has a hat.
  4. Dad can bat.
  5. Pam has a fan.
  6. Dad was mad.

Every time you start with a new lesson, review the previous lessons for mastery. Lesson 3 is a review lesson on all the words from lessons 1 and 2.

Lesson 2

Section A Section B Section C Section D Section E

cap Al gab bag and

gap Cal Fab hag band

lap Gal jab jag hand

map Sal lab lag land

nap Val rag sand

rap gal sag wand

sap pal tag

tap Hal wag


Help the children read these sentences:

  1. Al had a band.
  2. Pam and Sal had a wand, a map, and a bag.
  3. Cal can tap.
  4. Val has a bag and a cap.
  5. Sal had a nap in the sand.

Lesson 3 – A Review Lesson

ad at tax tab Dan Sam

am ax Fab sat land man

an cab fat vat fad pan

and gag wax cad Pam mad

as yap gab ham fan yam

bad bat hat can sand ran

dam Max jab hand had pad

ban dab Nat has ram tan

band zag lab dad Jan sad

gas cat pat jam lad Tad

*Please watch out for Part 2 for more lessons on helping the children how to read.

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