Friday, August 17, 2007

Lesson Plan Ideas - Structure of A Word


1. To identify the base or root words of given words.
2. To recognize the affixes in given words.
3. To distinguish between the prefixes and suffixes.
4. To construct words using affixes.
5. To be able to give the meaning of the words by the affixes that they have.

Materials: blackboard, a dictionary, ball pens, writing pad of papers, flash cards.


1. Write the word read. Have the students give other words with the word read in them. Students may come out with such words as reading, reader, reread, reads.
2. Point out that the word read is the root word/ base word for the words reading. reader, read, reads. We form words out of a root word/base word.
3. Discuss that the syllables that are attached to the root words to form new words are called affixes. There are two kinds of affixes – prefixes and suffixes.
Distinguish between prefixes and suffixes:

The words in the first column have prefixes and the words in the second column have suffixes.

Column 1 Column 2

disagree worker

unwrap pinning

repay cheered

disappoint longest

defrost carelessly

From the given examples, the students are able to know that prefixes are the syllables found at the beginning of the root words/ base words while suffixes are the syllables that are found at the end of the root word/ base word.

Explain that these affixes are simply syllables. They are merely sounds. They help in giving the meaning of the root words/base words. Example the prefix “re” in the word , reread – it means “read again”; “er” in worker means one who works. Try to see if the students can give the meaning of the other affixes.

Explain that sometimes some words contain both affixes such as disappeared, uncontrollable, disrespectful

4. Reinforcement of Skills/Evaluation:

Complete the following exercises.

- Identify the root word/base word and the prefixes and suffixes in each of the

following words.

displease disregard requested wonderful miserable favorable

unload bountiful unhappily disorderly dislike tie

- Form a new word out of these words using affixes: trust, load, fair, pay, part, throne, wind, write, faith, joy, build, merit

Play a game with the students. Divide them into two groups. Hand them flash cards with root words written on them. In a given time, they should write as many new words they can form out of the given root words. The group with more new words formed is declared the winner.

Have the students open their dictionary and scout words with affixes and make a long list of them.

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