Monday, October 29, 2007

A Detailed Lesson Plan On Using Supplementary Reading Activities

1. To individualize the reading activity of each child that is tailored to his own unique
2. To foster a sense of responsibility in each child by keeping track of his own
performance as well as give him the confidence to work on his progress by himself.
3. To provide a wide variety of reading materials that will uplift the child’s imagination and develop his/her reading skills.

Power Builder Program of SRA Reading Laboratory System

Supplementary Reading Laboratory Box


Introduction and Motivation:
Place a SRA Reading Laboratory Box where every child can see. Explain that the children are ready to start into a different venture in reading using the SRA Reading Laboratory Method.

Show the children that there are folders of different colors in the box, and the stories in front are clearly quite short and easy, whereas those in the back are visibly longer and more challenging.

Show the students some of the reading booklets, their titles, and accompanying pictures, and try to arouse their interest in the funny, exciting, informative, and varied stories that lie behind those titles and pictures.

Discussion, Explanation, and Demonstration:
Tell the children that they will be given different reading color levels to start with and it is alright to start first from the stories that are short so they become comfortable how to use them.

Tell them that they keep a personal record of how they are doing with their reading of the stories. Show how to mark their progress.

Tell them that they will be answering questions about their reading and they will record their answers in a sheet (show the sheet and give each child a copy of the sheet).

Go over what they will be asked to do. Explain each of the sections of the exercises in each booklet: “How well did you understand?” “Learn about Words”, and “Think about it.”

Show the children the “Answer Key Cards” in the box. Tell them that when they have written all their answers, they will use those Key Cards to check their work.

Demonstrate the technique of circling each wrong answer and writing the correct answer alongside the error in the “How well did you understand?” section.

Direct the children’s attention to the self evaluation at the foot of the Record Page (“I like the story…”, “I liked the way I worked today…”, “I liked the activity at the end….”

Mount a poster on the wall that shows the step that they need to follow when doing the activity. Read the steps with the students and find out if they can recall what have been explained to them.

Execution and Application:

Assign the children their colors. Write it in their notebook to
remember them.

Tell them you are to guide them as they go along to make sure that they get the procedure well and get comfortable with following and doing the activity.


Hold a counseling session with each child once a week to determine whether the child is ready to advance to the next color.

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