Monday, October 15, 2007

Howard Garner's Multiple Intelligences

Knowing the kind of intelligence our students possess, will enable us to guide them and align our instructional activities to suit their intellectual needs.

Garner’s Mutltiple Intelligences Intelligence Student Behavior Instructional Activities

Visual/Spatial: Adept in drawing Drawing
Ability to create mental images Uses the visual arts Use of visual media
Think in images in personal expression Arts & Crafts
Creating, Symbols

Recognizes abstract patterns Ask many questions Games that involve
and approach problems Adept in math & science reasoning such as
logically, use numbers precise & methodical logical puzzles,
effectively, thinks by reasoning love to experiment and problem solving
solve problems Analyze a situation
Practical application

Relates to words & language Enjoy reading Discussion, reading
Both written & spoken, Writing, Speaking & Reading aloud, telling
Thinks in words, uses words listening Telling or writing a
effectively a story, debating
Playing word games

Recognizes nonverbal sounds, Adept in remembering Listening to music
pitch, tone, melodies, rhythms, and converting sounds Singing, dancing,
and tonal patterns, uses rhythm into rhythms, understand playing musical
and melody to spur thinking and expresses oneself instruments,
through music chants, writing their own songs.

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