Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Learning Games Ideas - The Sound Game

The children in the elementary grades love games. I am always surprised how my students respond very well to lessons I teach if a game accompanies my lessons. Here are some of the games I have used that are popular with my students. You may modify them according to your lessons and your students’ level.

Sound Game

Objective: To reinforce recognition of beginning consonant blends.

Players: Ten or more students

Materials: Twenty word cards with consonant blends

and a master word list for the teacher or an assigned leader

with beginning consonant blends.

Procedure: The teacher gives five cards, randomly selected, to each player and says, for example “Who has a word that begins with the word “chair”?” The players listen intently and those whose cards answer the question give their cards to the teacher who puts them in a container.

The winner will be the one who first disposes of all his cards.

Variations: This game could be adapted to other phonetic sound words.

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