Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Reading Skills

Here are the reading skills to develop. Use the questions to develop these skills:

Details, facts: Who did what? Where? How? Why? What did he/she do?

Fact or Fiction: What could happen in real life? What part is make-believe?


Main Idea : What happened at the beginning? What is the story mostly

about? What evidence do you have?

Sequence: What happened first? Next? Last?

Classify/compare: What things are alike? Different? What facts are related?


Cause and Effect: What made this happen? Why?

Drawing Conclusions What seems to be happening? What else is

possible? What do you think? Why? How

was the problem resolved?

Inference: What makes you think…? Why? What clues are you


Problem Solving: What trouble did the main character have? How did

he?/she fix it? Is there a better way? What would you do?


Predict: What will happen now? Next? At the end? What will

he/she say? Feel? Do? Why?

Generalizing: What can be learned from this story? What is the author

trying to say?

Descriptive Language: What colorful words tell about feeling? Mood?

Situation? What words paint a mental picture?

What words help you see? Hear? Smell?

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