Friday, August 17, 2007

Learning Games Ideas - Recognizing Synonyms

Recognizing Synonyms

Objective: To recognize and identify synonyms; to give a pair of

synonyms; to give the other pair of a given synonym.

Players: Two groups of even number of participants or the whole class

Materials: Flash cards that contain pairs of synonyms.


Warm-up Activity: Teacher discusses the meaning of synonyms and

give some examples of them. Have the students

give their own examples of synonyms.

Main activity: Divide the class into two groups. Distribute the flash cards, making sure that the first group gets a set of the pairs of synonyms and the other group gets the corresponding pairs of the synonyms.

Ask one student from the first group to stand in front of the class and show and say the synonym written on his/her card. The student in the other group who is holding a card that is the corresponding synonym that is called out should stand up and say the synonym written on his/her card.

A recorder should tally the result should the teacher want it to be a contest game.

Variation: This game could be played for reinforcing recognition of antonyms and homonyms as well as for identifying definitions of words studied.

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